Design Revolutionaries


It’s a while since I last visited Brighton Pavilion, the home of Brighton Museum and Art Gallery but each time I have visited I have come away feeling that I had seen something fresh and perhaps a tiny bit marvellous.  Today was no exception with a visit to the current feature exhibition Subversive Design.  Billed as “Craft, design and fashion with attitude” the exhibition explores how designers and makers react to the world around them.    Indeed the curators state that ” this major exhibition subverts your preconceptions and challenges your relationship with objects you use on a daily basis.”  But does it?

The dictionary definition of Subversive is:

Adjective:  Seeking or intended to subvert an established system or institution.

Noun:  A subversive person – (The government claimed we were subversives or terrorists.)

Certainly some of the objects on display fulfil these definitions, but many others, while being interesting art objects…

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