Julian Lennon Butterflies

Julian Lennon Butterflies

Julian Lennon has turned his hand to photography and created some rather nice double exposures of butterflies. The subject matter of which forms part of my next installation. I’ve made double exposures my self, maybe this is why his photography stood out to me. I like the ink blot style to them which reminds me of the cyanotype. The two tone style will look very nice and effective in blue and white. I’ve been considering using butterflies in my next project based on an experience I had when I was in hospital. This is why I’m writing about this in my research folder. I had a kind of dream where upon awakening and with out very much thinking I drew Butterflies carrying me back to the after life. Or should I say back to reality from a harrowing experience, the automatic drawing was of a washing line the clothes representing the reality of my existence in the other world; the real world. The washing line was being carried by butterflies. Butterflies them selves are symbolic of a new beginning a new awakening and a new life. I now intend to make an installation of this piece possibly with the use of paverpol fabric stiffener and silk paper butterflies. I’m considering revisiting the experience for inspiration so of course anything including butterflies gets a hit.


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