A little bit of motivation to get quilting!

I have been to the sewing center to buy a’ jelly role’ or scrap bag which contains long strips of fabric of equal length and width; about 3 inches wide, so that I can do some strip piecing, the fabric all has the designer names on the side and sometimes has dots so you can color match to other fabrics as well, this adds to the aesthetic I think it makes it more interesting but you may want to cut these off depending on the feel or look your going for. The swatches I bought were all color matched so this makes a really easy start to strip piece quilting, the other thing I was going to use was a rotary cutting blade and a plasterers 2 meter rule the type of aluminum feather edge ruler with handle attached that plasterers use and use that to cut strips of fabric of my choosing to make a quick and easy quilted background to add text work to.


Quilt Hanging from a Hook, White Background


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