Other themes in the book Strangeland…

Tracey Emin Strangeland….


More themes felt with in the book by the artist….


  • Her father being from the turkish culture and this having effects on Tracey’s upbringing – with her mother being the “other woman”
  • Tracey herself going on to have a relationship with an older turkish man who sent his wife and children to live in the mountains while they were lovers…
  • this all helps to contextualise a lot of the artists work regarding relationships and love…
  • her fear of becoming pregnant… 
  • becoming pregnant and having an abortion… through fear of living a life in poverty… although she had moments of clarity of being pregnant and feels as though she has killed her unborn child… some of her quilts relate to this- ” nothing ever stays in my body”
  • throughout the book she is direct and frank about issues that societies norms expect we should not be so open about….
  • She wanted to make a success out of her failures… So most of her work does focus as one she sees as her failings as a person…



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