Analysis through practice…. Choose an artist to study who relates to your work as an artist….

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As an artist I see myself as having life experiences to do with being female in 2012 and coming to conclusions about these experiences and representing them in a visual way for consideration by others.  Because of this I have chosen to study the work and process on making of Tracey Emin.  I connect with her work as it is raw and honest.


A starting point for my work will be reading her book Strangeland and reviewing it here chapter by chapter in an attempt to work out the process of turning autobiography into visual art.  In each chapter i will try to find the main themes and ideas and see if I can find specific examples of her work that directly relate to the autobiographical writing.


I will be making samples of emin inspired work in an attempt to understand the process.  This will progress to my own work which stems from my own life experiences.  I connect with a lot of Tracey Emins themes as a woman but have my own experience to express.


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